Why you choose best cookbook for your paleo diet

the paleo cookbookThe Paleo diet cookbook provides a variety of new Paleo recipes and menu plans along with hundreds of helpful foods, preparation and cooking tips. One of the key issues that frequently arise for Paleo diets is the proper amount of plant and animal foods that should be eaten on a regular basis. On the Paleo cookbook, it is recommended to obtain a little more than half of dairy calories from lean and organ meat, poultry, sea foods and fish. The remainder should come from plant foods. Generally, the rule applies that there in any meal the plate should have a fist-sized piece of meat or fish and the remaining should be filled with fruits and vegetables.

Animal foods

The Paleo diets eliminate three foods groups, that is, grains, dairy and legumes along with processed foods. One of the essential concepts is to eat animal foods regularly however the key idea is on quality and freshness. As much as possible, it is advisable to avoid canned, tinned, processed and smoked animal products. Processed foods such as bacon, hot dogs sausages are synthetic mixtures of meat and fats and therefore besides their unnatural fatty acids, they contain preservatives which are converted to nitrosamines that cause cancer. In addition, these artificially processed meats they are laced with other additives such as high- fructose corn syrup that have many undesirable health effects such as high blood pressure. Vegetables (more…)

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The Tao of Badass : Ways to Approach and Instantly Attract Her!

the tao of badass guideMany of the men desist to approach beautiful women from the fear of getting rejected. Although winning a woman’s heart might be your dream, even the thought of approaching her would have been your worst nightmare. However, you need not fret. Joshua Pellicer, the world famous dating expert through his innovative book, the tao of badass dating guide for men will bestow you with practical ways of approaching her.

The common mistake

Most men think, to attract gorgeous women you have to obey her, please her, shower her with expensive gifts or help her out when she is in deprived state. Unfortunately, although groundless, this is the most common attribute among the majority of men. Even the one’s that think they are expert in the attracting game fall prey to this belief, which is nothing but false assumption. Joshua through his revolutionary manuscript will let you know all the common mistakes that men make while approaching and teach you all the correct ways of approaching a girl by letting you first understand her female mind.

What attracts women in men?

Unlike the general misconception, a beautiful woman would never like to have a man whom she can dominate or control. In fact, if a man exhibit these characteristics, she would immediately disqualify him, forget of even her consideration. The tao of badass help you to discover this fact by examples and tests and also enlighten you with the reality as to why women attract towards confident and dominant male. Further, it teaches you how to become self-confident, positive and self-assured to appear attractive in the eyes of women without changing or modifying yourself. (more…)

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Joshua Pellicer: The Man Behind the Revolutionary Attraction Program

Author of the revolutionary dating and seducing program, Joshua Pellicer is the man who is helping all the average men to get the girl they desire. Through Badass of Tao, the dating coach has been tutoring guys world-wide on how to become a complete badass. A world-renowned relationship expert, his knowledge of the game is profuse and so are his exceptional techniques.

The Background

Joshua, the founder of the Badass of Taoborn in 1982 in Trailer park, Florida during his early 20s failed miserably in the dating game. However, being a fighter he wasn’t ready to accept the defeat and was ready to go any mile to get the results he craved. He then began his research, read several techniques over the web, experimented them and came up with his own new theory to attract girls. He slowly became the attractive man and his friends wanted to know how he could easily woo any hot woman. Instead, of teaching them individually, Joshua thought of coming up with his blogs, books and videos for teaching an average man how to attract, date and seduce any girl.

Joshua’s ride took off in 2009 when he went viral with his foremost dating artifact. Soon his articles got attention and he was even mentioned in several newspapers including the AOL news bulletin along with the New York Times. In addition, he appeared in the Current TV and Today Show and even hosted his own show on Sirius Satellite Radio on how to attract women naturally which again became very famous among the men. (more…)

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